Doctor doctor…

Took a day off to bring L to her gynae appointment as well as Je-in to his follow-up to his asthma diagnosis. Thankfully results have been good on both end!

The baby is now clocking in at 2KG. Still in the 20-30 percentile but within the healthy zone.

Je-in also did a lung function test and it turned out slightly better than the previous one done about 3 months back. Considering we stopped the singular the past 10 days, its a good sign. We actually stopped the pills because i read some articles linking it with depression. Spoke to the doc about it and yes there seems to be some refuting it and not being able to link it directly with the pills. She also said those tend to be in older kids. The scary thing though is that she has 4-5 cases of direct links to nightmares and misbehavior. So i guess to some extent there are some side effects to a small group of kids.

Anyhow, since we stopped it the past 10 days and the results actually turned out alright, she kinda let us off taking those pills and just asked for another review in 3 months.

So he’s just down to daily supplements of sambucocl for now. Praise God!


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