Busy bee

So long since my last post.

Anyway have been busy at work as usual with system cutovers / people leaving / people coming in / getting used to the new boss and style of working etc

On the church front, have picked up more tasks in the Landing’s community. Have started attending the Monday sessions to enrich my prayer life and also started playing guitar as part of the music ministry. So that gives me a legit reason to cling on to music which has always been a keen interest of mine.

Have also started a website redesign for them so i guess I’ll put a link out once it officially goes live.

L is doing well with the baby. Really blessed. About the only health side effect she has seems to be a little tiredness. Looking forward to the kiddo coming out soon. We’ve named her Elizabeth after my grandma – we feel its a nice classical Catholic name that will withstand the ages.

Je-in has also been successfully enrolled into my alma mater. So he’ll start a new phase of life in January. We’ve already submitted a bunch of documents to the school this week as well as pick up his uniforms. Pray that he’ll fit right in like how’s he has glided through nursery and kindergarten.

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