This and that…

Have been pretty quiet this year on the  blog front. I guess its a combination of too many things happening at home as well as work. So just to take stock of what’s on my mind these days:

-Liz coughing for a month now. And waking up every night because of it. Just when we thought she got the hang of sleeping through the night, now the illness bothers her.

-James and me falling off the e-scooter on the way to school. Ouch! My leg still hurts

-L going back to work. Probably November 1.

-Me being arrowed to help organize the office year-end event. I did tell one ex-boss once, if she put me in these staff welfare committee crap again, I will jump out the window. She remembers my words til this day. Its been six years I guess, and she has just left the firm to go head up another big gig in HK.

-Finally bought a Gibson Les Paul. But due to skill limitation, decided against splurging and just getting a faded one which is the entry-level types. Sounds sweet to me!

-Just had a one-day Landings retreat where they presented how the ministry came to be, and explained the mission in detail and philosophy. Still excited to be part of this. Also sounds like it might be getting more involved at archdiocesan level. So next year might be looking hectic on the Church front.

-Just won a regional best digital firm type award.  All I got was a handshake from the boss for doing the submissions (which included chasing 12 countries’ peeps for stuff, writing parts of it and vetting all the documents),  and a new request to get the announcement email out ASAP. Found out from my Facebook feed an ex-colleague in another firm won something similar and they flew 2 of them to London to receive the award. FML.

-Still grateful to God for my life.



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