“Everything is clean”

I was having trouble with my stomach for a couple of weeks now, and I just had to see a doctor. So i went to Google and found myself a new specialist from Mount Elizabeth Novena because i didn’t like the previous experiences.

As with my previous experiences with colorectal issues, a colonoscopy was ordered, but this time he threw in a gastroscope too as my symptoms didn’t seem so polyp-related.

So off i go on a Monday morning to the hospital to get my guts scanned. The difference this time was that the procedure was in the afternoon and I could spend the morning in the ward doing the bowel prep, aka poo-ing your guts out. This was a much better arrangement than spending the night at home doing that and going to the hospital in the morning in a zombie-like stage.

The 3 litres of oral fleet stuff i needed to drink also seems to have been improved, it didn’t cause painful cramps like the past times, but it still tasted like it was sea water.

I did have some polyps pulled out of me before, but thankfully,  the last one done 6 years back was clear.

Although i was generally positive throughout these weeks, I did think about what would happen if i have been diagnosed with the big C-word.

I can’t deny I was worried about the outcome.

But the morning daily readings included a line from the Acts of the Apostles – “The voice spoke from heaven a second time, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’

It didn’t strike me at first, as I had read it in a hurry over breakfast and the main gist of it was about how certain foods were deemed unclean by Jewish tradition. But when i reflected upon it in the hospital later, it dawned on me as an affirmation from above that all was to be well. 

It lifted my spirits and I continued in my zen-like state, optimistically waiting for the procedure to be done. Once I got into the operating theatre, and the anesthetist made some small talk about what i did for a living, I was out cold.

The next moment I was awake again and the doctor swung by to tell me the news. The good news is that he didn’t find any polyps! The bad news is there seems to be some scarring from acid reflux. Thats probably what is ailing me.

So til I get a proper consultation on the outcomes in a few days’ time – the doc did mention some lifestyle changes, I just want to thank God for giving me a new lease of life. And renewed hope.

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