What’s up

The baby’s starting to babble and recite A,B,Cs. She can understand simple instructions now but she still easily goes into meltdown mode. Thankfully they don’t last too long.

Church with her is still a struggle but we can’t stop trying i guess. It’ll be too easy to just let her sit it out.

The boy’s doing well in school. A recent PTM went well but teacher did notice he writes dark stories for school assignments like wanting to throw people out of the window :O

He’s also started to act up a little bit when he’s frustrated like disturbing the other kids in church class or throwing some stationary when corrected in Chinese tuition.

Only good thing is he does fear his school minders, so he controls himself during the weekdays.

We’re trying to counsel him on managing his anger and not just letting lose whenever emotions overwhelm.

Kids are never easy.

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