Fit #3

Liz got an attack again after a whole day of 38/39 degree fever on Saturday. She took an hour to recover her usual temperament. We were scared as usual and were praying aloud as she rolled to her side slightly foaming.

We knew there was no point rushing her anywhere so we just held tight. She came too and seemed fine and slept for the night. Sunday the fever was not so drastic although it did alternate between 37/38 degrees. We started using ice packs by this time to control the temperature and it seemed to work.

Monday morning, we noticed she had spots on her ankles and they didn’t look like mosquito bites so L sent her to the doc while i went off to work. And indeed, she was diagnosed with the dreaded HFMD. By that day we found out 4 other kids in her class caught it.

So this whole week, the family stays home to quarantine ourselves.

Thankfully she didn’t suffer too much discomfort other than the rashes on her arms and legs. We’re just praying it doesn’t get any worse.

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