A Flu

Holiday season again and the little one gets sick again. We went to her school to celebrate her birthday, and as soon as she ate the cake and was done with the apple juice, she said “mummy I don’t feel well , I need to go to hospital..”

We noticed her hands were a little purplish at the nails for a bit and she was having a fever. Thought it might be an allergy and brought her home first. Two hours later the fever kept up its heat at 40 degrees and refused to subside. We rushed her to the A&E and they sponged her down and gave meds.

They warded her for observation and took a swabs and blood samples.

Turns out she’s caught Influenza A.

We suspect from the school’s animal farm visit the day before.

It’s day 3 in the hospital and her fever still hovers up and down between 37 and 40 degrees.

She’s active and up and about most of the time, but the doc just needs her temperature to settle in.

We pray that it will subside and she can get out tomorrow on her birthday. Otherwise it’s another gloomy Christmas season for us.

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