Move any mountain

This week’s Gospel talks about faith. He says that all we needed was a tiny speck of faith and we can do incredible things like move a sycamine tree to be planted in the sea.

It also talks about however hard we think we’ve worked in God’s vineyard, we are just duty bound. Even if we’ve gone the extra mile.. Its in the end, what is expected of us.

This is quite a tough message to hear. But actually its encouraging us to not just depend on ourselves to do God’s will grudgingly or half-heartedly, but if we did it out of love, God will supplant our efforts and use that faith of ours to do the impossible.

At Landings, we often hear stories of struggles and adversity as the participants share their faith stories. But with faith, they journey on, keeping the focus on Christ, and the outcomes are amazing.

Is there a sycamine tree in your life that you need to move? Pray and ask the Lord about it, do your level best and keep the faith. You just never know how God may surprise you, in his time.

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