This weekend’s Gospel tell us of the obedience of Joseph. When he found out that Mary was with child, he wanted to send her away quietly.

But he had a dream and an angel to told him to go on with the plan to marry Mary and to look after her son.

That must have been a very difficult decision and the dream must have really been a wake up call! Otherwise, who would lightly change course from the initial decision to let Mary go?

His faith and obedience must have been immense.

Whenever we are presented with our own life challenges, and an avenue or direction that seems to come from above presents itself, are we able to obey the will of God?

Some of us can receive dreams and visions and get clear directions, most of us don’t. But with some level of discernment, we are able to sense the will of God.

I’ve always thought that if you had a clear direction, it would be easier. But really, the truth is if God shows you a way forward, it usually is not an easy path. And if you already have seen the path, then deciding not to go down that path is disobedience.

Regardless of whether we are blessed to see visions or not, the bigger question is whether we have obedience to God’s will.

This Christmas, let us pray that as we celebrate God coming into our lives, we also pray for the obedience to live according to His will.

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