An Epiphany is an aha moment – a time of manifestation. This week’s Gospel tells us of how the wise men from the East came to pay homage to the infant King.

The homilist says that what is not widely known, is that, these men dropped everything when they followed the wondrous star. They were possibly rich and powerful and they just left it all behind to follow this divine sign. It took them 2 years to get to Herod. And hence Herod asked to get rid of all the babies who were 2 and under.

It was probably not an easy trek as there were no GPS or Ubers in that time and the journey will be long and hard through uneven terrain etc.

For us, when God shows up in our life, the question is whether we can drop what we’re doing to follow his sign? Or are we still clinging on to that next big deal, that next promotion, a windfall, the retirement plan to kick in etc

My own experiences tell me this is not easy. How do you even know the star you see is from God? What if you’re following the wrong star?

And when you finally find the end point and see Jesus face to face, what do you present to him as your gift?

The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh – signifying his kingship, holiness and his eventual death.

Let’s reflect upon how we’ll follow God’s call in our lives, and act upon the gifts we will present to him when we meet him. We learn from the wise men and their journey to pay homage to Jesus – our one true King.

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