It’s the last day of 2019 and what a decade it has been. Too many things have happened. Blessings as well as tests of faith.

As I await the coming year, I’m all wired up with a portable ECG monitor. The recovery from the stent in August hasn’t been that great. And what’s alarming was there were two incidents where my heart raced away whilst I wasn’t doing any strenuous activities.

The first was on the last day of our NZ trip, L was driving and I suddenly felt a racing sensation and the Apple Watch clocked a 120+ bpm.

Then on Christmas Eve whilst we were roaming around the cloud forest in Gardens by the Bay, I felt a major sensation, looked at the watch, and it was 150+ bpm. which is shown in the chart above.

So it’s back to the doc to figure if something is out of sync literally..

So here’s to a new decade .. and May your heartbeats be regular!

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