World Communication Sunday

Today is World Communication Sunday, dedicated to the spreading of the Good news using communication tools such as the internet and mass media.

The fact that you are reading this blog, is already a game changer from decades ago, where publishing remainded in the hands of select few. You needed to be wealthy or connected to be able to publish your thoughts. But times have changed and we all have the capability to communicate to the masses. We just need the right message and the audience.

Very often, the homily will talk about the rise of new technology and how we should harness it for good. But today the homilies reminds me that its about storytelling.

The one skill that needs to be harnessed to pass on messages that are memorable and will live on in the people that receive them. In fact the first five books of the Bible – the Pentateuch, is made up of stories. And these stories live on through history inspiring us with God’s word.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus says of his disciples “I have made your name known to those whom you gave me from the world.” Now its our turn to make Him known to others who may not know Him.

Let us tell our stories and let it glorify Jesus by our lives. All of us will share in the glory of God whenever we glorify Him. For Jesus says ”Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son so that your Son may glorify you.” This is a symbiotic process for which we also share the mystery with Jesus.

In Landings, indeed our main focus is around the telling of our faith story. And I have seen the power of this when it is told in honesty and humility. The stories heal the storyteller. They also edify and bring a kinship to those who hear the stories.

So let us always take some time from our busy lives to reflect on our faith story – how Jesus has come into my life. And how I have responded. And to build upon this story as we age, to be able to tell them to those that need to hear them. For therein lies its power.

For the one that hears. And for yourself.

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