Storms of our lives

This week’s Gospel invites us to trust in Jesus in the storms of our lives.

It is a familiar account of a miracle which interestingly is the only miracle without beneficiaries. In other miracles there are resurrections, feeding of the hungry or usually healing of sorts for someone’s salvation or benefit, but this one seems purely to be a lesson for us.

And indeed, we can draw a lot of parallels and lessons from this episode.

God is with us when we face the storms of our lives. We need to recognise his presence just as initially the disciples thought he was a ghost and failed to recognise him.

“Come”. When he invites as he did when Peter asked him to, we need to be able to trust in Him and take that step out of the comfort of our shelter and into the storm.

As we journey onwards, we need to keep our eyes focused on Him as Peter initially did when he was able to walk for a bit on the water.

But as soon as he focused on the winds and got distracted, fear seized him and he starts to sink. The world does present us a whole host of distractions, from mundane stuff to seemingly important life changing decisions to be made, we need to be able to keep our focus on the Lord.

The Lord will reach out to catch us before we fall.

We just need to trust in Him.

He will lead us out of the storms of our lives.

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