Goodbye Twenty Thirteen

As the new year emerges, I’m just recalling how 2013 has been hell of a roller coaster year especially on the work front. It started off with months of uncertainty of some organizational changes. Which happened. Then months of getting familiar with the new job. And before it all sank in, months of crazy OT and weekend cutovers and hour and hours being on conference calls on end.

At it’s peak, I would be on calls and emails all day Saturday, sneak out for an hour to be at Church with the family then continue with the calls at dinner.

Made me wonder how we found the time to get married.

Well, thankfully we kept things simple. And I guess the year ended on a high with the wedding and honeymoon to finally get a break from it all.

Metaphorically and physically, I do think the first half of my life is over.

Now let’s get on with the next half… Happy new year to you too!

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