La Di Da

Guess life these past few weeks of the new year have been pretty routine. Which i’m truly grateful for. I don’t need too much excitement in life at this age 🙂

The office seems to be headed for another re-org of sorts but i shouldn’t be impacted. But who knows. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore. Some others feel threatened but i hope it turns out well for most folks. I guess MNC life and culture are not what it used to be. It was never an iron rice bowl but now it seems like a paper bowl culture where even a little bit of water will tear its fabric apart.

On the housing front, after months of cracking my head around how to get around all the cooling measures the government has put in place, I’ve finally got a suggestion from a friend and I’ve taken the first steps of trying to make it real. Prices are finally turning the corner and all the newspaper reports are showing negative news on the Q4 sales figures. Now we’ll just have to see how prices fall before we can pick something up.

Big question is still whether to go with a HDB or condo. Obviously going private will have increased debt burdens but this could be the last time we secure a loan. So maybe a little leverage could be a good thing. I seem to still be seeing a lot of 4s around this topic and I don’t know what the man is trying to tell me too.

O well, this is all just material.

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