Happy 54 Singapore!

Today the nation celebrates 54 years of independence and also a bi-centennial of the founding. Wonder what the next 50 years will be like here.

Climate change threatens to create more weather chaos.

Inequality may push our next generation to the brink.

O well, all we can do is to pursue our own personal best in the spheres we work in and pray that God gives us good leaders to weather the future storms.

Its been awhile since I wrote, as usual life takes over and you get sucked into the routines and never-ending tasks and responsibilities.

Have already been involved in two runs with Landings this year. The next Returned! event is coming up on August 23 with an upcoming run in September.

On the work-front, I’ve been switching core skillsets to becoming a design thinking facilitator and have been running workshops almost every week or so.

On the health-front, I’m glad that the physiotherapy sessions have been giving my mobility back and I’ve stopped it for now as I have a hit a plateau with the gains. I just need my own discipline of working out those muscles every day to counter muscle atrophy.

Life pushes on.

Hope you get a good break this long weekend too!

Majulah Singapura.

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