Highs and Lows

A rare long weekend presented itself with National Day being on a Friday and Hari Raya Haji coming on the Monday. So on Sunday, we took the opportunity to check out the famed Treetop walk at Macritchie Reservoir as I had never been on it.

There were a sea of people in the trails as we kinda expected and there were all sorts of families out there. We saw a young Indian couple pushing 2 prams with kids… Another Chinese family had 2 kids with their kick scooters pushing along the gravel.

I don’t think they’ll get very far.

The famed bridge is about 2km into the trail and whilst the first KM or so had a nice walking path laid out by Nparks, the rest of it was pure nature reserve mud trails with steep climbs and drops.

We never expected to have to queue to get on the bridge but as there’s probably a weight limit to these things, there was a lone guy at the entrance controlling the traffic and allowing batches of people onto it once the earlier ones get off it. I was wondering how tedious this job might be just watching people file in and out of his little hut as he controls the movement.

The first half of the journey was alright but once we got off the bridge and still had to face hill after hill of ups and downs, my heart began to act up. We managed to get out alright but by lunch time I wasn’t feeling too good.

We headed back for a nap and my Apple Watch was still giving me a high heart rate even after a few hours of rest. The new ECG function was also inconclusive all through this time and had the warning to go see a doctor if this readings persists.

So I checked myself into Mount A by the evening and they did a ECG and ran a blood test. Both turned up negative so the doc said I didn’t have any heart incident but I should go get it further checked by a cardiologist and at least run a treadmill test.

So it looks like I racked up another potential health issue. Other than my stomach, back and knees, I now have to watch out for my heart.

Guess I’m just grateful to be alive.

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