Obey your Master

The lyrics to Metallica’s Master of Puppets kept going on in my head after I read this week’s Gospel. Its tough message this week. A very simple one but tough. I think many of us are to some degree infatuated with making money. Whether it’s to bring us to a better life, give us more entertainment options, or simple for hoarding, because who knows when we’ll need a whole bunch of dollars down the road for when something bad happens to us?

But Jesus says there can only be one master.

The homilist also gave an intriguing thought this week. He said that most of us write wills to distribute our wealth when we’re gone.

That’s not actually being generous. That’s being selfish. Because you only give it away when you can no longer use it yourself.

Instead, we should be more generous and give it away while we’re alive. And see the smiles of the beneficiaries for ourselves.

But the larger message this week was that we are all merely stewards of our talents, wealth, resources etc. The astute steward in Luke’s gospel was praised for utilising what does not belong to him well.

All things come from God. And the sooner we learn this lesson, the closer we will draw to Him, and to allow us to align to His will.

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