Don’t give up

This Sunday’s gospel is a straight forward message. Pray ceaselessly and be persistent. The analogy used is an unjust judge who eventually gives in to widow’s demand for justice so that she does not bother him anymore.

What more would God do for his children?

Well the way I see it, whenever we’re in need, the challenge is two-fold:

Firstly, do we even ask our Heavenly Father enough about it? The homilist says, sometimes we just pray about it once or twice and we ourselves forget about our petitions. We should pray for a month, and then two months, and then three, and then a few years.. This was how St Monica prayed for her son, who became St Augustine.

Secondly, which we all have experienced I’m sure, is that our prayers don’t get answered. Often we say “Its in God’s time”, “He wants something better for you” or “It’s a test”. But do we believe it?

Whilst all the above reasons may be true, maybe we should just persist in our prayers. And let God be God.

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