This Sunday’s Gospel speaks of testifying in apocalyptical times. Wars, earthquakes, famines and pestilence. Yet all these struggles of humanity have been happening since time immemorial. Christianity was born through a great struggle and persecution of the early fathers.

They testified and the faith lived on.

The atrocities continue to this day and age. Wars, persecution, terrorism, genocide continues to plague us. Thankfully for our country and community, we are not part of this struggle. We are grateful for God’s mercy.

We should nonetheless continue to testify. Of God’s love for us.

This weekend was a Landing’s retreat again. It has been a hectic week leading up to it and I was struggling with distractions right up to the retreat.

My car tyre was punctured on the way to work on Friday and Auntie Adeline had a 80th birthday celebration that evening. I did not have the head space to prepare my presentation for the retreat. I went in distracted, but I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide my words as I shared my perspectives on how God longs to forgive and save us.

I testified.

The retreat participants also testified. They talked about how their 8-week journey so far has opened up the faith and re-ignited it for them. The sacrament of reconciliation also freed many of them from their past sins.

Some have been away for 10 years. Some sat 50 years in the pews, but were mentally away. Distracted by the world and our family needs.

But all testified that they have received something this weekend. They were reminded of God’s love and how He was with them through it all.

I am grateful for having heard these and playing a small part in their faith lives.

We pray for each other as we all continue on our journey home to God. We may have ups and downs in our walk of life, but we are … Always Returning.

The next Returned! event has just been announced.

Feel free to rediscover your faith through our testimonials.

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