Holy Family

This weekend we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. The Gospel this week is short, but it reminds us that though God chose Joseph and Mary to be Jesus’ family, they didn’t get the red carpet treatment through life.

When Jesus was born, he had to make his grand entrance in a manger. Can you imagine the hardship the family had to go through walking all those long distances and then settling down in a stable with all the animals.

This week’s story continues with their hardships as they flee to Egypt to avoid persecution.

The homilist reminds us that no family is perfect, just as no human is perfect. We try our best in our trying circumstances to be Jesus to each other. And whilst that is a tall order, we can model our relationships and actions after the Holy Family.

Joseph, guided the family firmly believing in the dreams or visions he had received.

Mary, accepted and obeyed the will of God to be the Mother of God.

Jesus, obeyed his earthly parents, doing the necessary and even performing his first miracle at his mother’s request even though it wasn’t time.

We pray that we will always be faithful and be guided by the Spirit to live out God’s will in our lives. The starting point of which is usually loving our begotten family.

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