Mum’s Covid Episode

Mum tested positive a week back. She had already been coughing really badly for three days before the ART indicated the virus was present. I checked out the protocol from the MOH website and told her that she didn’t need go go see a doctor unless she was really ill or breathless.

The government had been putting out messages that the clinics and hospitals were swamped as we were in the midst of an Omicron surge these few weeks. So I just told her I would get her some medicine from the pharmacy.

But after i re-read the webpage, I realized the government does recommend that the elderly, especially with underlying conditions to go see a GP. I called her back and told her this and I opined that they will likely isolate her in a a hospital for observation as she is deemed high risk. She prayed about it and told me its better she stayed home.

So I got her the meds and prayed for her health and safety. She coughed for one more day and experienced a finality in the coughing bout where she felt the virus leave her. She was better after that day.

By the fifth day, she tested negative and the following day managed to go to mass.

Praise God for granting her healing. It was truly a miracle for me to witness as I had a few colleagues who were all hit with Covid in the past two weeks and they were really struggling with the fevers, sore throats and major fatigue. And they were all decades younger than her.

She’s alright for now although there are still lingering effects of being easily fatigued. I pray that even this shall pass.

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