I recently picked up on an old hobby idea I was always keen on, but kept holding back so as to de-clutter my life – vinyl record collection!

Have always and will be a music fan, and when CDs came into the picture in the 90s, I actually gave away my small record collection of about 50 pieces.

The past decade or so, this format has come back big time and with the likes of Discogs, makes it so much easier to track and find what LPs are available and where to get them.

The technology has also improved through the years and innovations like adding on a Bluetooth adaptor to an old school player is pretty novel and caught my attention recently.

So I picked up a Project T1 BT and I’m back on track!

But this time I’m going to be more discerning on the media purchases. I’ll just be collecting the Top 30 albums that were a big part of my life so that its kinda of time capsule project. And it can be handed down to the next generation, because who knows? Spotify may not be around and the new incumbent may drop the older songs from their archives.

So let’s play on..

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